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The IVFtech Z tables are designed for use in the operating theater when doing oocyte retrieval. It has a clean smooth heated surface ideal for any warming blocks and media flasks.  The draw can be used for storage or the draw can also be heated for heating the tools.

The IVFtech uniformed heated Z tables comes in a wide range of variations.

Heated table top

High precision temperature control makes sure to reach a high success rate for the embryo. The heating table plate is controlled by high precision PID regulator, the heating areas is spited in small sizes to reach the high precision, each part have a separate high precision temperature sensor to monitor and regulate the specific part. Splitting the heating area to small sizes make the total temperature variance much smaller and impended, placing a cold block on the plate will not affect the rest on the heating area, and it makes sure that it have a fast recovery time.

Anit vibration table

IVFtechs anti-vibration tables is for ICSI procedures. It is designed to meet the requirements for all available models of inverted microscopes.


The surface of the table comes in Hi-MACS, which is natural minerals blended with pure acrylic resin to form a solid durable material. It is available in many different colors.

It is easy to clean, hygienic and does not absorb liquids or odors. Clean with soapy water or use an abrasive cleanser and a green Scotch-Brite pad.


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